Well-known and appreciated at an international level, the Matteucci Institute is an irreplaceable point of reference for anybody who needs to assess, document and gather information about Italian works of art and artists of the 19th and 20th century.

Thanks to the long experience acquired as Art Advisory for auction rooms, bank foundations, insurance companies and museums, the Matteucci Institute is today one of the most qualified institutions for the evaluation of public and private collections. After a first verbal estimate, that makes it possible to understand the period of the painting, its attribution and economic capacity, an expert's report is issued, provided with an index number, which attests the recording of the work in the Institute archives, and accompanied by a declaration of authenticity on a photographic reproduction.

By using its extremely rich documentary heritage, the Institute provides its specialized advice through a wide range of services:

ORGANIZATION AND REALIZATION - of management and conservation projects of works of art
- of bibliographical and archive research
PLANNING  - of exhibitions and cultural events
- of editorial projects
ASSISTANCE AND SUPERVISION - in the purchase and selling of works of art
- in legal controversies
- in the economic evaluations
- in the distributions of estate
MONITORING AND ANALYSIS - of collecting abstracts
- of the trend of the national and international market
ISSUE - of expert's reports and recording certificates
of historical index cards about artists and single works
of abstracts of archive documents, magazines, periodicals, catalogues and rare editions
of photographic printings and digital images



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